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Most of our population is sedentary. They do not "move" or exercise like they should, and exercise is one of the best ways to prevent disease, strengthen the immune system to limit sickness, and keep the joints and tissues strong and supple. This can all be done in as little as 15-30 minutes per day. How you fit those 15-30 minutes in throughout the day can be very convenient for you and your schedule. Movement is the key to life. From an evolutionary perspective, our bodies are made to move. Long ago, when we were cavemen and cavewomen, we had to find and hunt for our food, and when faced with danger, we had to fight or flee whatever animals were preying on us. Therefore, our bodies are programmed to move, it is in our DNA. Lack of movement can lead to degradation of the cellular structures of our bodies, and our bodies will adapt negatively, breaking down the tissues and structure until disease, sicknesses and even cancers are present. The body is an amazing machine, and adapts to any demand placed upon it. When we move and work the body physically, it adapts to those demands by becoming stronger, more flexible, better conditioned, and also positively affects the mental, physiological, and emotional components to our lives. Lack of movement is a negative demand in and of itself, and so the body will adapt negatively in all ways. This rate of negative adaptation, or degradation of the body, will be different for different individuals, their DNA and genetics. Below are a few examples of 15-30 minutes workouts that can be done anywhere or anytime to give you the positive adaptation we should all strive for: 1.)Go out for a run, jog, run/walk, jog/walk in the morning when you wake up for 15-30 minutes. This can double, or even triple metabolism throughout the day. Do this with a small amount of breakfast or eat immediately upon completion of your 15-30 minute workout. 2.) Find 15-30 minutes to strength train with bodyweight. Crunches, leg lifts, supermans or hyperextensions, torso rotations, push-ups, pull-ups or modified pull-ups, lunges, bodyweight reverse hypers or Romanian deadlifts, squats or squat jumps. 3.) Incorporate Flexibility throughout the day. Try some forward bends, back bends, and spinal twists. Make sure to breathe as deep as you can in and out through your nose, deep down into your belly. As you inhale the belly rises, as you exhale it falls and is pulled in and up toward the spine. This will ensure proper and more abundant ranges of motion through the flexibility work and will also give you more oxygenated blood flow, which has a variety of health benefits. 4.) Combine strength, cardiovascular and flexibility training for 15-30 minutes. Start off with a walk, jog, run or combination for a few minutes. Move into strength training and combine with jogging, running or sprinting between strength sets. Incorporate flexibility for the remaining minutes to ensure proper recovery and suppleness of the tightened tissues. Finding 1-2 hours per days can be a challenging task for most individuals. Use these 15-30 minute workout solutions, scaling your workout to the time that is available to you and your schedule. By moving the body as we should, positive adaptation will follow. Couple this with proper nutrition and hydration, and you are well on your way to optimal health, wellness, longevity, vitality and a prosperous quality of life!
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