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There are so many misconceptions about vitamins and supplements. Many people take these pills as a substitute for a poor diet or to increase energy and are left feeling even worse than they did before they started popping these pills. While multivitamins do work and can help improve your health, there are a few things you should know about these vitamins.

  1. Vitamins CAN help in preventing certain deficiencies that play a huge part in contributing to chronic diseases and conditions. For this reason alone, you should take a multivitamin! The NIH (National Institutes of Health) study revealed that bone density increased significantly and helped in reducing fractures in older women who took vitamin D and calcium.
  2. Do multivitamins replace food? In a word, no, if you are not eating a proper diet, multivitamins can't hurt and they're not considered a "replacement". There are vitamins and minerals in foods that help pick up the slack but can not completely replace foods.
  3. Can multivitamins hurt? No, multivitamins do help fill in the gaps, for lack of a better term. Always choose a multivitamin that offers 100% or less of the daily value to plug in those missing spots lacking from food. But as a precaution, never take more than instructed - too many multivitamins can build up toxins in your system.
  4. It is recommended to take a multivitamin as opposed to creating your own mixture of individual vitamins which can easily build up in your system. Just remember that it is always important to review your diet first and foremost, then select your vitamin of choice. Nothing can replace a healthy and balanced diet, but multivitamins have been proven and recommended for all ages to help fill in what you may be lacking in your day to day meals. 
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