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Weight Gain in America

Posted on 12/20/2012 to News

Studies report that people are 24 pounds heavier that they were 50 years ago. Slip back to 1940 and shed an additional 16 pounds. Waistlines are blossoming. Extra wide chairs are the norm in hospital waiting rooms. Fashionable plus sizes are found in virtually all department stores.

Why are Americans mushrooming when we have more information about healthy eating than at any time in our history? Eat less, drink more water, walk daily, consume less sugar, eat more fruits and vegetables, don’t skip breakfast, and eat small meals several times a day to control blood sugar. But our morning sleepwalk to the bathroom scales does not reflect what we know, it mirrors what we’re doing about what we know. While knowledge is important, we must first face the truth and then we must break habits.

First, we are responsible for what we eat. We must face the situation with honesty. No one force fed us.

Second, usually eating wrong foods or too much food is a habit, not an addiction. We went out for lemon pie after bowling two weeks ago. Someone suggested repeating it last week. Today, even before we reach the bowling alley our mouth is watering for a fresh slice of pie. We have not suddenly become addicted to lemon pie. It is a newly established habit—a learned response. It isn’t necessary to quit bowling or vow never to eat lemon pie again. But it might be time to stop going for pie after bowling.

Our lives need not be one long diet. We must face facts and change our habits. It isn’t easy, but it is possible!

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