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Thyroids are among the most under-appreciated, highly functional characteristics of our bodies.  The thyroid regulates the body in countless ways.  In acknowledgement of Thyroid Awareness Month, let's review the importance of the thyroid gland.

In a layman’s term, the thyroid is considered as a “regulator” or our body’s auto thermostat. Thyroids can do everything from the regulating of our body's oxygen to the rate at which different organs function and the speed on how our body utilizes food. You can assert that the thyroid's influence on various body mechanisms and organs make the thyroid truly essential to the human body.

The thyroid also plays a huge role in our body's growth processes. In fact, growth and maturation fail to take place normally when the thyroid is absent or not functioning in a normal way. Thyroid deficiency, “hypothyroidism,” can result in a poor stature and growth.  Additionally, hypothyroidism may result in slow reactions in the nervous system and may sometimes be the source of mental sluggishness.

Missing thyroids may contribute to excess amounts of protein, salts, and water retention within the body. Blood cholesterol can also be elevated.

Who would have guessed such a small part of the body contributed to so much?  Maintaining healthy intake or levels of vitamin D and a healthy diet can contribute to a healthy thyroid.  In recognition of Thyroid Awareness Month, take care of the little part of your body that takes care of you.
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