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Spring Season Fitness

Posted on 4/20/2015 to News
Winter is officially over.  Welcome, spring!  Time to get out doors, pick back up on our favorite hikes and trails and share nature with friends and family.  Have you started planning your warmer weather activities?  How do you kickoff the close of winter?

There are a lot of activities to do. You may want to try to reconnect with nature. That may mean knocking out a garden of good eats with your family.  Maybe you're a trail rider and are ready to kick off the crusted mud from your pedals.  Perhaps you're a cyclist ready to return to daily 30-mile rides.  No matter what activity you do, being active is the key to embracing the many benefits of an active lifestyle.

  • increased calories burned
  • improved cardiovascular health
  • increased strength
  • improved stamina
  • increased self-esteem

Did you ever know that riding a bike is proven to be a stress reliever? Aside from the scenic beauty of bike riding, putting in decent mile on a bike will rejuvenate you.

Not into biking?  No problem.  Scenic walks are a great start for those looking to introduce themselves to outdoors during the spring.

Sports are always an “ol' reliable” for fitness fun.  Spring and summer welcome a lot of sports camps that you can choose from.

  • baseball
  • basketball
  • fencing
  • football
  • golf
  • rowing
  • skating
  • soccer
  • softball
  • surfing
  • swimming
  • tennis
  • volleyball, and dozens more

A healthy lifestyle means to maintain an active lifestyle.  Whatever sports you are interested in; they provide health benefits that are sure to improve your well-being.  Consistency is key.  Find a sport or activity that you enjoy enough to commit to.
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