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Sports Nutrition Performance Protein for Precise Nutrient Timed Recovery

If results are what you are looking for in a Protein Blend, look no further than the BQuick line. BQuick FUEL Performance Blends have been designed to promote the growth of lean muscles as well as improve post-workout tissue repair. BQuick protein shakes are not only Fuel for the body, but fuel for your mind, fuel for your engine. These shakes have been designed to aid, promote, and maintain lean muscle tissue.

25g Protein & L-Glutamine

Each pack of BQuick contains 25 grams of protein per serving. These Shakes are made with all-natural ingredients and contain 2000 mg of L-Glutamine per serving as well. The L-Glutamine is the ingredient which improves tissue repair and post-excercise recovery along with an additional 5g of fiber per serving the ingredients found in BQuick Blends are just what your body needs!

BQuick FUEL Performance Blends are truly great protein blends. Too often Protein blends come in bland, unsatisfying flavors. Your protein blend experience does not have to be bland, it does not have to be unsatisfying. BQuick FUEL Performance Protein Blends come in three flavors: Berry, Chocolate, and Vanilla. Don't settle for the bland tastes of average Protein Blends, invest in your body -- get BQuick FUEL Performance.
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