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One of the most important nutrients the body requires while working out is protein. Without enough of this essential nutrient the body can not keep up with the stress put upon the muscles. Muscle is built when exercise of some form forces muscles to contract and put forth a great amount of resistance, such as when weight lifting. As the resistance to the force occurs tiny tears in the fiber of the muscle are created.

These tears are necessary to the building of muscle. The body’s natural defense is to repair these tears through a process known as muscle protein synthesis which occurs for up to 48 hours after a workout. As the torn muscle fibers are repaired the muscle naturally begins to grow. This is one reason why it is essential to work groups of muscles in sets that are alternated each day so the muscles have time to repair and grow.

An important thing to remember is that each individual has a maximum amount of muscle they can grow in their lifetime, no matter how hard they work out. In order to reach muscle building goals or other fitness goals it is vital to remember that diet plays a key role to succeeding at set goals. A diet that does not support the natural needs of the body and provide additional supplements needed for working out will hinder an individual in reaching their fitness goals.

Understanding how nutrition plays a vital role in maintaining a body and helping it to grow larger muscles is perhaps one of the most important aspects of learning about fitness. By increasing caloric intake and eating foods that are high in protein, an individual can give their body what it needs to build muscles and stay in shape. Unfortunately not all diets are the same, and meeting specific protein needs may be difficult for many fitness minded people.

Thankfully there are a variety of vitamins and supplements that can be consumed to help the body gain all the nutrients it needs when a diet is lacking. By supplementing missing nutrients, or boosting ones that are present in a diet, an individual can give their body everything it needs to meet and exceed fitness goals. One of the most taken supplements on the market is protein.

Due to health reasons, or inability to consume a recommended amount of protein, many people add a protein supplement to their fitness regime to compensate for an improper protein intake. Adding a protein supplement has enabled millions of people to reach their fitness goals, maintain them, and stay healthy. Get on track today by choosing a protein supplement that provides a hard working body everything it needs to survive and thrive with the fitness demands placed upon it.

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