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Inflammation and Omega 3

Posted on 3/13/2014 to Health

Inflammation has become a hot topic in the medical field and dietary supplement industry over the last few years. The topic has gained momentum and importance as doctors and experts are now realizing more than ever that inflammation is being used as a potential marker of either good or poor health. Doctors are now looking at blood markers like CRP (C-Reactive Protein) levels in the heart, and others to determine inflammation levels in individuals.

Most people reside in a culture and society that over time has promoted and become accustomed to inflammation, and the intake of inflammatory food and beverages. A person’s disregard to what certain foods and beverages are actually doing to them at a cellular level is what leads to the ingestion of highly inflammatory foods. This has become a product of our culture and is big business for packaged foods manufacturers.

So how do you decrease inflammation in the body to promote and achieve optimal health? Here are some tips to stay ahead of he game:

Eat Omega-3 fats. They are natural anti-inflammatory fatty acids. Wild salmon and cold water fish have high amounts of Omega-3’s, as do nuts such as walnuts. BQuick BURN is also a natural form of Omega-3's derived 100% from safflower oil. BQuick BURN also has weight management and blood sugar stabilization properties in addition to being a potent antioxidant. BQuick LEAN also contains our BURN powder as well but it is formulated in capsule blended with other synergistic ingredients. BQuick FUEL contains acai berry and flax seed, both which contain Omega-3's. BQuick Fuel also blends protein and minimal carbohydrate for post workout repair in the body. When we train we create an inflammatory response in the body (a good one) and BQuick FUEL can help tremendously to alleviate inflammation. It also repairs our tissues to adapt to the demands we place upon them more efficiently.

Stay away from packaged foods. Most packaged foods are made from "bleached, enriched wheat" or have some form of corn (high fructose corn syrup, etc.) in them. These foods can be highly inflammatory.

Stay hydrated. If possible seek out a high alkaline water product. Water should be one of the most abundant nutrients we put in our body on a daily basis. Even with a great diet most of us will wake up in an acidic state in the morning (this acidity promotes inflammation). By drinking alkaline water we can get our body to more of a neutral state by the end of the day where our body will thrive in an environment for optimal health to promote less inflammation. Evamor Water is a preferred brand with a pH of 8.8.

Eat your colors. Eating vegetables and fruits will help to decrease inflammation tremendously. Mother Nature has a nurturing way of taking care of this reduction of inflammation naturally. Try to eat as raw as possible, and stay away from packaged foods.

Limit meat consumption. Instead of eating an over abundance of meat, try to eat it in moderation. Make sure it is sourced appropriately and intelligently (e.g. grass fed beef or game, wild fish, free range antibiotic free poultry etc.). Meat is acidic so always moderate.

In a world that surrounds us with inflammatory foods and beverages make the right daily choices for less inflammation which will lead to optimal health. This can be done in any of the aforementioned ways while in a consistent manner to produce incredible results over time. So stay away from those packaged foods, eat raw, stay hydrated and implement BQuick Nutrition’s products into your daily regime.

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