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Having the energy to complete a task as well as the endurance to go the long haul comes down to what fuel you are using. Like a car that requires certain levels of octane in the gas to perform as it should, your body requires the best rated fuel too.

This means a healthy mix of carbohydrates and protein, without leaving aside the good and essential fats.

By choosing the best and freshest food to ingest, you will help your body maintain the levels of energy for the length of time you need.

Though you can gain some quick bursts of energy from high carbohydrate foods, these will not sustain that level. They also rob your endurance. It is better to eat a moderate intake of carbohydrates with the other foods that will stick with you a long time. It is also necessary to eat a bit closer to the time you will need this long term energy.

Some examples are:

  1. Two or three eggs, with yolks included. Get the extra fat from butter ( grass fed butter is best), and add a cup of mixed berries to the meal. This should be a great breakfast for energy and long term stamina. You can add some coconut oil to your coffee for longer lasting energy.
  2. Adequate water intake is important to keep the body moving.
  3. A protein shake before a workout or run is helpful. Choose one with less sugar and a moderate amount of protein as recommended for your body weight.
  4. Sandwiches are ok if you are not gluten intolerant. But, remember that the energy derived from the bread is short lived. Get your boost instead from the ingredients you put in the sandwich. Choose high quality meat, aged cheeses and vegetables for a well rounded energy meal. Stay away from highly processed foods and sugary drinks.

Eating right is one part of the energy and endurance formula. Training is another. You should be well trained before attempting any long runs or workouts. Don’t just try to jump into an activity you are not physically prepared for. Greasing the groove is a phrase some use to describe getting prepared.

If you are going to run, shorter runs that lead up to the longest one can get you ready. Sprints can be helpful too.

For building stamina and strength, doing just a few repetitions of an exercise movement will prepare the muscles for what is to come later. Performing a few pushups regularly can lead to being able to do many more of these when that skill is needed. The body is getting used to be called on to act and react in a certain manner. The result is longer endurance and better performance.

This is what training is all about. Add to the physical preparation with mental preparedness. “Seeing” what you are about to do helps prepare the mind to direct the body.

If you can envision yourself completing a task, it will be easier to actually complete it when the moment comes. This is part of having a positive attitude and being mentally ready.

Great athletes can be said to have lots of “heart” for their sport. Those with the best attitude and who are best prepared will be the ones to win. This is certainly true of anything you attempt, and not just sports.

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