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“The early bird catches the worm.” Who doesn't want to be a go-getter, but sometimes waking up before dawn is a tough pill for some of us to swallow. Time changes, like Daylight Savings, can make it that much harder for your body to adjust and take on an early morning routine. If you're able to commit to being an earlier riser, there are advantages.

With extra time in the morning to plan out the day you're able to prioritize on the day's tasks and get an early start on them. Early successes in the morning can set the pace for the rest of the day, boost productivity and improve your mood.

“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” ~ Benjamin Franklin.

Planning to rise with the sun is a reliable way to greet the day with the warm rays greeting you. Treat the sun as your buddy and wake up to the day's challenges with a smile on your face. Here are some tips to get you started.

  • Prioritize the single most important thing that you need to accomplish for the day.
  • Eat a hearty breakfast. Your body needs to sustain throughout the day. Choose healthy foods to get the appropriate energy you need to start the day off right.
  • Get moving. Exercise daily. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, jog or take a walk. If you're more of an indoors person, jump into a morning yoga routine or do some in-home cardio.
  • Get in some early “me” time. Get some fresh air and admire what you have in life. Appreciate your health, the people around you, your loved ones, friends whom you love, and the hobbies you enjoy.
Wake up with an upbeat attitude, absorb positivity, and all else will follow.

What about you? Are you a morning person?

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