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Cinco de Mayo Nutrition

Posted on 5/3/2015 to News
Most holidays mean celebrations and partying, as they should.  However, holidays do not need to wreck your healthy diet and wellness objectives. Healthy living is about consistently practicing an active lifestyle while balancing calories with proper portioning. Don't hesitate to celebrate Cinco de Mayo deliciousness as long as you stick to your overall diet regimen.

For those of you who heartily celebrate Cinco de Mayo, one idea to sneak in some sports and fitness fun into the celebrations is a “5 by 5” for the 5th day of the 5th month.  Get your fitness fiesta on with a CrossFit inspired workout designed to carve muscle and blast fast.

The activity routine is made out of FIVE rounds of FIVE exercises: 5 squats, 5 jumping jacks, 5 pushups, 5 burpees, and 5 situps done 5 times each. Don't hesitate to repeat the routine a few extra times to maximum your sweat output.

What's even better about this exercise routine is that it requires no equipment and minimal space.  This Cinco de Mayo 5x5 routine will target your legs, arms, thighs, abs, and more. Aye!

When you're done fighting fat and joining the workout revolution, get in some muscle recovery supplements from BQuick Nutrition.  Happy Cinco de Mayo!
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