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About MCT Oil

Posted on 9/11/2014 to News
Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) is an easily digested fat that is essentially a form of concentrated oil. Absorbed by the liver, MCT oil is reported to provide instant and sustained energy for the body.  With ever-advancing medical technologies, this wondrous solution can now be extracted from life-source trees such as coconut and palm and has been found to offer therapeutic properties.

MCT oil

MCT oil refers to the saturated oil that is derived from coconut oil, palm oil, and some dairy products. The highly saturated fat in coconut oil consists of Medium Chain Triglycerides and the concentrated form of this fat is MCT oil. In a pure form, MCT oil it can be used as a nutritional supplement, for cooking, as well as a high quality salad oil. It acts similar to carbohydrates by instantly providing well sustained energy.  The benefits of MCT oil doesn't stop there.

Some research has supported the theory that MCT oil may boost metabolism, which has lead to MCT oil being hailed by many as an exceptional consideration for weight loss goals. In fact, MCT oil is believed to bypass the normal process of digestion and fat breakdown.  Furthermore, MCTs have been observed to suppress appetite that is beneficial for those who are attempting to lower their caloric intake.

Post workout supplement

MCT oil is becoming popular among athletes for both weight loss and weight gain goals. In the case of healthy weight gain, body builders have to consume large volumes of food to provide enough fuel for their body to convert to energy and even more food to exceed fat burning caloric intake as to add to their body mass and size. Adding MCT oil to a body builders diet could conceivably help them to increase their caloric intake without increasing the volume of food eaten. Note that MCT acts just like carbohydrates and not as fat, and that is why it does not increase one’s body fat.

MTC oil goes beyond supporting a healthy diet.  Some professionals and dieticians have even experimented with MTC oil for digestive issues.

  • diarrhea
  • steatorrhea (fat indigestion)
  • celiac disease
  • liver diseases
  • and more

While you can't believe everything you read, especially when it comes to “wonder drugs,” it is inspiring to know that there are promising solutions that are backed by facts.
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