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Summer is fast approaching.  What a great time for fun with family and friends. Thoughts about swimming, hiking, playing your favorite sports outdoors, trying new adventures, or grilling on the deck to cook delightfully healthy meals.  Positive thoughts is the attitude to maintain.  Here are a few tips to help beat the heat and to maintain healthier habits during the summer.

Early bird catches the worm

Your body has a biological clock that tries to schedule recurring habits, like sleeping, eating, and even bathroom trips.  Your sleeping and waking patterns greatly influence your body's overall balance.  Get on a routine to make your body get in a groove of productivity.

Whatever time you end up sleeping and rising, consider being an early bird.  Rising earlier makes for a longer, more productive day.  Once you hear the sound of your alarm clock, do a little stretching or some exercises and hit the day running, figuratively or literally.

Turn lights on

Upon waking, turn on the lights.  Sunshine, the real deal or, in this case, artificial lights signal the body's biological reactions to rise and shine.  The sooner you stand up and turn off the lights, the sooner you begin to shake off grogginess and energize for the day.

Drop the morning coffee

Caffeine has been proven to give an extra energy boost but with some unnecessary side effects. Coffee, like any other stimulant, can have addictive properties.  After prolonged exposure to coffee it is often poured more out of habit than actual stimulating benefits.  Also the same with any stimulant or drug, your body gets used to it.  The longer you drink coffee, the more you need to drink to maintain any buzz or energy boost.  By ditching coffee you will let your body restore it's understanding of “normal” energy.

Don't skip breakfast

The start of the day often feels like the most rushed.  You have to wake up and rush off to work or the gym.  In the rush of everything it's all too common to skip breakfast.

Breakfast is a very important meal. Never go out or start tasks without eating a healthy summer breakfast. Mix things up a bit during summer's warmer morning.  Chill out with a healthy breakfast salad, oatmeal, or a smoothie packed with your favorite fruit and vegetables. Eat a balanced breakfast to keep your metabolism upbeat. A good breakfast can set the pace for the day and keep you active all day long.

Body AND mind

Exercise shouldn't only be a physical thing.  Exercising your mind each morning, too.  Set aside a few minutes to write in a journal or knock out some sketches or other art.  Stimulating your mind in a non-work oriented manner will wake up your senses and keep you focused throughout the day.

Don't be afraid to stimulate your mind in fun ways, too.  Playing your favorite music with the volume raised a bit while even dancing during sunrise can boost your energy.

Try these cool tips to keep summer healthy and productive.  What are your summer health tips?
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